Friday, October 24, 2008

Jesus' Wife

Forget the Da Vinci Code. Today I met Jesus' wife in the flesh. I was a little taken aback when she tried to throw her shoes at my head. But of course I would later understand as she explained that she and Jesus don't wear shoes. What was I thinking? I also learned that having sex with Jesus is close to heaven although his wife's exact words were "having sex with him is Heavenly." Yeah that was another one that I should have seen coming.

I heard all about how she likes steak with a little fat on it and wants to eat eat eat although I thought gluttony was one of the seven deadly sins? She likes to lick it, suck and F*@! it (do I really need to explain it here?), although I can't help but wonder how Jesus feels about this. And I was also informed that I am a druggie. (I have been called many things in my life but this is a first.)

While waiting for our intake at the mental hospital Jesus wife proceeded to kiss another mental patient in handcuffs and a hospital gown on the way to our intake and thank him for his penis (she must have had a better view than me I guess). Upon reaching the small room she had to go to the bathroom despite one tech's effort and this woman's bladder she would not respond to anything but Jesus' wife. ( I couldn't help but think really? I thought you had to pee? Does your name really matter right now?)

Anyway, while I provided her name. social and birthday I hear screaming. I immediately jump up and the next thing I know the tech runs out locking me in the little padded room. I looked around thinking, what is wrong with this picture? After answering all the tech's questions I was finally able to leave and as I walked to the big purple van three thoughts came to my head.

1) I cannot wait to tell my coworkers about this.
2) Why am I always by myself when this stuff happens (I mean come on this was seriously funny)!
3) This is why I love my job. Everyday is like opening a new present or maybe like a box of chocolates. I just never know what I am going to get.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Life is My Choice

I was informed last night in what was meant to be a derogatory manner that my life is a consequence of the choices that I have made. This got me to thinking about my life and here is what I came up with:

I married a great man who is a loving, supportive husband and wonderful father.
I chose to have two beautiful, highly intelligent and gifted children.
I chose to get a bachelor's and a master's degree and have made the choice to obtain my PhD as well.
I have chosen to surround myself with the best friends and married into the almost perfect family that I have always wanted.
I have a job that I enjoy and that I can be proud of.
I have a really great life!!

After reviewing this I would say these are some damn good consequences!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Racism A-Okay!

Now that racial, ethnic and religious stereotyping have been deemed appropriate I thought we should go ahead and label all people so the idiots calling Obama a Muslim Terrorist wouldn't be left out. So here is what I have come up with (just a few mind you):


Don't like what I have done? Then quit spreading ignorant garbage. Anyone who has sent me emails or that actually sends this crap around and supports it is ignorant and an embarrassment to this country. Our country was founded on equality and we are supposed to be proud of our mixed heritage. Quite frankly I am ashamed and once again find my faith in the American people dwindling as the ugly truth rears it's head: White is right. If you don't agree with white is right then think before you promote garbage like the 25 reasons why ALL Muslims are terrorists. If we don't stick together and fight for EVERYONE we are only perpetuating the cycle of ignorance and racism. If voting in this presidential election is about a candidate's color and not their platform then we are as silly as the people voting for Palin because she is female.

Why is it so hard for this country to stand together? It is a sad day when here we are in the 21st century and we are no better off than we were a hundred years ago. We have no shame and no longer hide our ignorance. Now we can wear it on our shoulders and proudly let the world know that we are nothing but a bunch of ignorant, hypocritical idiots.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Let me be clear...

Perhaps my view of Palin would be different if McCain had run a more upfront campaign. Instead he has chosen the "whatever is going to get me elected" path. It is so obvious as to why he chose Palin that he didn't think about what she actually is capable of. I'm sorry, she is not the first great political woman. She's not great at all. If she were Ann Richards or Hilary Clinton or any other intelligent serious political candidate regardless of her party I would vote for her.

I am scared for our country's future right now. I am scared for my children's future right now. My husband lost his job five weeks ago and is still unemployed. I am personally offended by Palin's nonchalant attitude and winks and smiles. This is not one of those times where the Republicans can just smile in my face and screw me up the ass. I want action not bull shit and as far as I am concerned McCain and Palin are full of it.

We have had eight years of ignorance. I am ready for four years of intelligence.-KimBeck

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thrown Away...

Those are the exact words of my client as we sat in anger management on Wednesday. He feels thrown away, by his family, by everyone around him. He recounted the story of his child hood: alcoholic mother, fed up father which led to divorce. Mom eventually remarried and later died from her addiction. Client grows up and finds himself in the throes of addiction. Filled with disgust, his father disowned him. Making sure to tell the client, his son, that he hoped he [the client] would die first. And if he didn't then he would get nothing but a penny because that is all his life is worth. Since spouting this poison he has since bought the client's sister a new home and my client now wonders the streets waiting for a space in our housing program.

Newly sober the tears welled in his eyes as he let a room full of people into his soul. I'm sure if time had allowed a much bigger picture would have presented but this story touched me none the less. I asked the client his age, though this information served no therapeutic purpose, and his answer stung me. He is fifty five. This man is middle aged and though I don't know how long ago this took place he still carries this pain with him. He is so sweet and his case worker told me later, very hard working.

I drive pass him every morning on my way to work and before that session he was just another client. This particular Wednesday a connection was made as I could all too easily relate to being thrown away. I tried to uplift the group, to inspire each of them so that despite the pain they would come back and keep trying to get better.

My point was that sometimes not belonging can be the best thing in the world. I think instinctively we all turn to our families to fit in and find our niche but sometimes their rejection can be the best thing in the world. Sometimes our families are poison and negative to the point that we suffer from trying to fit in. Being different, being the black sheep can lead us to greener pastures with a healthier more supportive flock. Even if obstacles get in the way, the end result can be better than where we started from.

I asked the man how he felt now that he had been in services. He replied, different. He couldn't pinpoint how but as I watched him walk from the group I saw him talk with his caseworker and move on to a small group outside smoking. He had friends. He has support and since coming he has been sober. His journey is long and far from over but if I had to guess I bet he will be a lot happier from here on out.

Ladies Please!

It's a scary thing for me right now as I struggle with faith in the American people. I am hearing about how great it is that McCain chose a woman for his VP. Here is my concern. How great was it that a Texan represented us for the past 8 years. Oh wait, not so great. Palin may be a woman but that does not make her THE woman to represent the rest of us for the next four years. I am begging everyone out there to think carefully before voting for someone based on their genitalia. The state of our nation is far to critical to vote sole on breasts or skin color. I am all about women's lib but I want to know that I am being represented by a competent strong woman. All I've seen Palin do is flaunt her feminine charisma, exploit herself as a mother and use silly language. Palin is not Hillary and that is something to keep in mind in the next 5 weeks.